Paid Internships: Sydney & Melbourne (23 January 2018)




Could 2018 be the year you become $50,000 richer?

In 28 days, we’re launching our crowdfFUNding campaign…with a couple of twists:
We’re setting a BIG, ballsy goal of $125,000 to re-build The New Kid’s platform so that you can easily search for PAID internships and ultimately land that dream job.

  • There will be awesome rewards on offer for those who pledge & support the crowdFUNding campaign.
  • If our target goal is reached, we’ll launch a 50-day, nation-wide competition. Each day we’ll provide you with a clue. The first person to correctly submit all 50 answers to the clues WILL WIN $50,000.
  • If our target is not reached, you won’t be charged a cent AND you’ll still get your reward as a huge thank you for your support. We also guarantee that the platform will still be built, because we are 100% dedicated to creating a career site for YOU. It’s a win-win!

Register your interest below to be the first to know when the crowdFUNding campaign goes live.

28 days to go

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