Mark Cuban, your view on unpaid internships makes you an idiot

Billionaire Mark Cuban thinks it’s ridiculous that it’s illegal for him to have unpaid interns.

Yes, you heard that right…BILLIONAIRE Cuban is complaining that the government won’t let him use an army of free labour.


“I wanted to assemble a group of unpaid interns that would acquire video, write game reports, track unique stats, do interviews, interact with fans, and then compile all of this incremental media and provide it free to any and every outlet we could think of.”


“Given we were light-years from this being a self sustaining business, and that with the economy in the shitter we didn’t have excess financial resources to subsidize this effort, I decided to use unpaid interns.”


“One silver lining of a ‘great recession’ that we are now in is that there are a lot of incredibly talented people without jobs, or who have lost their jobs.”


Luckily this legend spoke some sense…


“If Mr. Cuban, who I think may have a few extra cents to pay his interns…if he did pay them, they could still be as creative and inventive and go on to exercise great things.” (Watch the clip)


There goes our dream of applying to American Shark Tank