Internship Of The Day: 03 FEB 2016



Unpaid Internship
WHERE: Sydney
THE GIST: Loocl is a Sydney based start-up that lets cafes, restaurants and retailers bring in more customers when they’re quiet by instantly posting time-sensitive deals from their phones to people close by. There is no coffee running, diary managing or errand organising here – we want to give you a valuable understanding of how the media and marketing world works in this crazy, fast-paced industry, open the doors for you to make some genuinely amazing professional media contacts, and have a shot at creating strong, marketable content that is viewed at by thousands of eyes. We’ll need you for 1-2 days/week (week days) for 6 weeks and if you have Uni commitments, we can work around them (as some of the work is virtual, anyway).
TNK VERDICT: Looks like a great internship!
Brownie point #1: ‘You’ll be working really closely with our PR, Communications and Marketing Manager who will act as your protective mother-owl during this journey.’
Brownie point #2: ‘It’s your responsibility to be communicative, creative and a self-starter, although you will have a lot of help (so don’t worry too much about autonomy).’