5 ways to ensure you’re not a ‘dude’ or ‘dud’ in interviews

There seems to be two ways that first time job seekers approach interviews; coming in like a ‘dude’ or appearing like a ‘dud’. Here are 5 ways to ensure you don’t come across as either:


1) Research, research, research AND write it down. When the interviewer says, “Why do you want to work for us?”, they are really asking “What do you know about us?” Make sure you know their target market, their values, mission statement and objectives. Write these down because when you’re in the middle of an interview, you will inevitably forget.
A dude will say “Because my mate works here and he says it’s pretty cool”.
A dud will say “Because I need a job”.

2) Make sure you look the part. It may sound ridiculous but make sure you have your outfit planned the night before and ask someone whether or not they think your chosen outfit is appropriate. There is no point rocking up to an interview in a suit and tie if it’s for a tradie position where they won’t let you onsite without steel cap boots.
A dude will wear baggy jeans with their Calvin Kleins showing.
A dud will wear over the top clothing with a silk hanky in their top pocket.

3) Be 5 minutes early. This will allow you time to take in your surroundings and fill in any forms that they may have for you. (It will also give you an opportunity to go to the loo if you are super nervous!)
A dude will turn up two minutes late.
A dud will sit there nervously sweating for half an hour.

4) Be nice to the receptionist (although this should really be a given!) I recently visited an employer, arrived early, and began chatting with the receptionist. Just before I entered the Manager’s office, she went and spoke with him. He then came out and greeted me. After a small chat he said that if I had been rude or ignored his receptionist, he would have made an excuse not to see me. If a potential employee ignored or wasn’t respectful to the receptionist, he wouldn’t even warrant them an interview.
A dude would be rude.
A dud would tell them their life story.

5) Expect and prepare to be nervous…even the interviewers expect you to be nervous! Be calm, let them know you are nervous (it makes you human) and sit on those damn fumbling fingers.
A dude would appear as though they don’t care whether or not they get the job.
A dud would be shuffling his feet and fidgeting like a ferret.


These are only a few of the reasons not to go to an interview acting like a ‘dude’ or a ‘dud’. Just be you. If they say no to you, then they aren’t the right organisation for you, and if they say yes to you, then you’re the right fit.

Leave the dude or dud mentality at the door…forever!

About the Author


Jenny Gleeson was just like you – she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life (and still doesn’t sometimes!) so embarked on a journey of trying to figure it all out. Her love of English and writing led her to become a high school English teacher, but she found that most of her students came to her for career advice, so she completed a Graduate Certificate of Career Development, started Lifeworx, and has never looked back. Jenny is passionate about helping young people get on the right career pathway for them, and has won several awards in career and life coaching.

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