4 stories that will make you say NOPE to unpaid internships


#1) Law, NSW

“I accepted the unpaid 6-month internship, which was a content marketing internship, because they agreed to help me with email marketing and digital marketing if I wrote content for them. After a couple of weeks of doing nothing but content, I asked if I could have some regular time alone with them to learn about digital marketing and they said NO. I had to work there for at least 3 months, before they would consider doing it.”


#2) Finance, NSW

“I was, without a doubt, the number 1 worker in my division (of data entry). I know this because my manager and my co-ordinator have told me this many times and because I was going through 50+ files a day while everyone else was averaging 20. I excelled in every other area of my job as well. The work was gruelling, at the end of the month for about a week, they kept all the interns in for a 12 hr day, sometimes longer.”


#3) Public Relations, NSW

“They had so many interns (like 10 per week/ 2 per day) in a pretty small office, they were nice and everything but it was really obvious that they’d have no idea who you were once you left.
Unfortunately, this company rotates through interns – they get to pay them in peanuts, let them go, rinse and repeat.”


#4) Marketing, NSW

“I was not provided any educational benefit or direction and was also instructed to break the law.”



Was your experience more internSHIT than internship? Let us know. We want the goss!