4 great creative internships available in Sydney now

WHERE: Sydney (Redfern)
LISTED: 12 JAN 2016
CLOSES: 30 JAN 2016
THE GIST: Studio internship opportunity with multi-disciplinary artist, mainly working in painting, sculpture and digital media. Looking for a switched-on person to join our team, assisting with studio projects and events, including our upcoming live drawing night. 1-2 days/week, flexible hours.
TNK VERDICT: They’ve made it clear that ‘No experience is necessary however you must learn quickly with a positive attitude’, which is great! Make sure you clarify what the duration of the internship is, and discuss what you would like to learn from your time there.
NAME: Lisa
EMAIL: rsvplisterlive@gmail.com

WHERE: Sydney (Ultimo)
LISTED: 11 JAN 2016
CLOSES: 10 FEB 2016
THE GIST: 1-2 days/week (you pick the days you’d like) 10am-5:30pm. Commencing ASAP for 6 months. You’ll get regular freebies (monthly allowance).
TNK VERDICT: Looks like a great internship! Although seeking a ‘Creative’ intern is very broad (the roles vary from social media to styling), they’ve clearly said they ‘would prefer to tailor an internship to suit your particular study area, or facets of the industry or our operations that excite you’ which is excellent. Ensure that you have an open and honest discussion about what YOU would like to learn/gain from your time there, and be sure to discuss and clarify what the ‘regular freebies (monthly allowance)’ is.
NAME: Jenny McClatchey
EMAIL: jenny@stfrock.com.au

WHERE: Sydney (Waterloo)
LISTED: 15 JAN 2016
CLOSES: 14 FEB 2016
THE GIST: Be part of the team delivering campaigns for world-class festivals and events, implement campaigns across film, music, hospitality, arts and culture based clients. You must be a student studying public relations, marketing, communications, events or journalism. 2 days/week for 3 months.
TNK VERDICT: Looks like a great internship, especially for someone who’s interested in arts & culture! Their expectations aren’t unrealistic, and no prior experience is required. Make sure you speak to them very clearly and openly about what you’re most interested in/want to gain experience in – you don’t want to spend your valuable time learning about PR if you’re most interested in Events!
NAME: Aidan Mc Laughlin
EMAIL: aidan@cardinalspin.com.au

WHERE: Sydney
LISTED: 15 JAN 2016
CLOSES: 30 JAN 2016
THE GIST: Delicious magazine’s new website. Ideally, the candidate will be at university and able to assist the team 1 day/week. No equipment is required.
TNK VERDICT: It’s great that they want someone to ‘learn how create engaging content’, but the tasks listed (e.g. resizing images and social media scheduling) sound quite beneficial to them, so ensure that you are the one benefiting most from the internship. Ask yourself, would paid employees normally do this work? Do they need this work to be done? If you’re doing work that would otherwise be done by an employee, or it’s work that the business/organisation has to do, it’s more likely that you’re an employee. Also, ensure that you clarify what the duration is.
NAME: Caitlin Griffith-Pecset
EMAIL: caitlin.griffith-pecset@news.com.au


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